Short term rent out expected returns

Airbnb and are the biggest platforms on Dutch market for short term property rental. According to Airbnb reports, following numbers are applied for the biggest cities:

City Average annual earnings Nights hosted per year Active hosts
Amsterdam €5,900 38 7600
The Hague €3,200 44 1400
Rotterdam €2,500 34 1300
Utrecht €2,000 25 2100


Only the registered, main occupant (and mostly, the owner) of a dwelling may rent out a property.
The dwelling must not be rented for more than two months (30 days, starting from 2019) a year in total, no more than 4 people at a time. (Amsterdam only)
Required to report the intention to rent out property for specific dates to city hall. (Amsterdam only)
* According to scraped data from Airbnb portal, more than 30% of hosts violate aforementioned rules.


Earnings from rental are taxed as income tax and go to Tax Box 1 with following rules: you state 70% of the rent received over the rental period(excluding costs for gas, electricity, cleaning and washing, advertisements, etc).

Rental platform fees

Airbnb platform charges around 15-20% of rental payment for its services. fees for the same service are 15% for Amsterdam and 12% for other cities.

House Price Trends

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